World View

Just installed 6ft tall flat aluminium letters back lit with LED’s at World View’s launch pad. World View’s monument sign, delivery sign and under canopy vinyl have just been completed as well.

Cirrus Visual

Another new sign went up at Cirrus Visual, located at 601 N. Stone. The sign is made from reversed pan-channel lettering. This means that the sign is lit from the back and the light shines out around the lettering, instead of the lettering itself being lit. Blue LED units light the sign each evening to give the sign a really cool floating effect. For more information about what Cirrus Visual does, visit their website!

Scoreboards for Curtis Park

20160624_091602   Sign Magic recently installed two of these scoreboards at Curtis Park! Each board measures 5’x 16′ and the top of the scoreboards are 18′ high. The smaller unit that hangs beneath is a pitch count which is 2.25’x 5′. Curtis Park is located at Curtis and LaCholla. Make sure to check these cool scoreboards out next time you’re there! photo3