Cirrus Visual

Another new sign went up at Cirrus Visual, located at 601 N. Stone. The sign is made from reversed pan-channel lettering. This means that the sign is lit from the back and the light shines out around the lettering, instead of the lettering itself being lit. Blue LED units light the sign each evening to give the sign a really cool floating effect. For more information about what Cirrus Visual does, visit their website!

Scoreboards for Curtis Park

20160624_091602   Sign Magic recently installed two of these scoreboards at Curtis Park! Each board measures 5’x 16′ and the top of the scoreboards are 18′ high. The smaller unit that hangs beneath is a pitch count which is 2.25’x 5′. Curtis Park is located at Curtis and LaCholla. Make sure to check these cool scoreboards out next time you’re there! photo3

Centro at the Tucson Mall


Here is a sign that we made for Centro at the Tucson Mall! The lettering was routed out of a sheet of aluminum on our routing table. Then, the aluminum was hand-sanded to give it a polished, brushed look. An acrylic sheet was also cut down on our routing table, and each piece was covered with black vinyl then pushed through the cut-out lettering in the aluminum sheet. The sign is lit with white LED units so the lettering glows!

Yoshimatsu Japanese Eatery

photo   Yoshimatsu Japanese Eatery is moving into a new location that will open this summer! Sign Magic has fabricated and install a really cool sign at this new spot. The main sign is made of pan-channel lettering. The letters have white acrylic faces and they are lit with LED illumination, including the little pea and pod! The tag-line underneath the main sign has lettering routed out from a sheet of brushed aluminum and is illuminated each evening, as well. This restaurant’s new location is at 2660 N. Campbell. Keep an eye on their website to find out when they will be open for business!


Journey’s Coming Soon to Tucson Premium Outlet


A brand new Journey’s shoe store has just opened at the Tucson Premium Outlet Mall in Marana! Sign Magic installed two signs at this new location. The larger cabinet sign on the building is lit with LED illumination. The smaller sign is mounted above the entrance to the store. 20160603_080548

Pools by Design

pools by design interior

A few fancy-looking signs were recently fabricated and installed at Pools by Design! This location is at 3130 W. Ina Rd. The word “Pools” is made of non-illuminated, reversed pan-channel lettering. They were routed from sheets of metal and pans were created for each letter to give them depth. The remainder of the verbiage is routed from sheets of metal, but kept flat and mounted flush to the wall. To find out more about Pools by Design visit their website!

pools by design exterior

Crown Concepts

Calling all car collectors! Crown Concepts is a really cool new venture that allows members who own collector or high end vehicles to store and work on them in a secure location. They offer other services as well, such as detailing cars and boats! We fabricated and installed this sign at their shop, which is located at 3930 W. Costco Drive in Marana. The sign is pan-channeling letter that is lit with LED illumination. the letters are cut from sheets of acrylic and when lit each night, the light shines out through the acrylic, making the letters concepts

Center Stage Dance Studio Opens Pole Fitness Location

C_Program Files (x86)SAiSAi Production Suite CloudJobs and SettingstempUntitled 1  The latest trend for dance has been pole fitness and Center Stage Dance Studios just opened a new location dedicated just to pole! The new studio is located at 1335 Lambert Lane in Oro Valley. Sign Magic fabricated and installed the sign at the original studio and we were thrilled to help them transform this new location into their own! The sign is made of reversed pan-channel lettering. Each letter is made of aluminum. After being formed and welded together, the letters are sanded down then painted. Each pan is lined with white LED units so when the sign is turned on in the evening, a glowing white light shines out from behind the letters. Make sure to check out Center Stage’s new studio and show your support for another great local business!

HomeGoods Distribution Center Opening in Tucson

Sign Magic installed quite a few signs at the brand new HomeGoods distribution center that is located at 7000 S. Alvernon Way. All of these signs are made of pan-channel lettering. Each letter was routed from large sheets of acrylic and fitted to a “pan” to give the letters depth. The pans are lined with LED units which light up each evening and shine through the acrylic to make the sign glow red. As you can see in the photos, a few of these signs are huge and installed very high on the building so our crew had to take special precautions while putting these up!

Big 5 Sporting Goods Opens in Nogales

Sign Magic recently installed a sign at 409 Mariposa Rd in Nogales, Arizona. This sign is made of pan-channel lettering and measures about 6′ tall and almost 60′ long. Each letter has an acrylic face that allows light to shine through. Each evening, the sign is lit using LED illumination! C_Program Files (x86)SAiSAi Production Suite CloudJobs and SettingstempBig Five Nogales Arizona