Gem & Bead Mall on 4th

Gem & Bead Mall's 40+ foot tall sign.
Gem & Bead Mall’s giant sign. Keep in mind, the smaller sign to the left is probably around 10 feet in height!

Native Tucsonans know all about the Gem Show; Its our annual two weeks of craziness when the vendors and buyers of gem and minerals come from all over the world to our little town. A National company called Gem & Bead Mall has decided to call Tucson one of their permanent homes and has opened a HUGE warehouse on South 4th Avenue. This company also has stores in San Diego and Las Vegas. Located at 2901 S. 4th Ave (4th and 39th), this 26,000 square foot facility holds over 5,200 items from all over the world.

Sign Magic did the sign for GBM, which, as you can see if the photo above, was no easy task considering the height! The existing pole sign reaches to heights over 45 feet and our crews needed our bucket truck plus a rented crane to complete the install! We cut new acrylic faces for the sign and applied vinyl to the faces once they were already installed in the sign. This job is a great example of Sign Magic’s dedication to providing Tucson businesses with their signage needs!