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U of A Bruegger’s Bagels

Campbell and Speedway location

Campbell and Speedway location

The Bruegger’s Bagels at Campbell and Speedway, by the U of A, just had a new sign go up! Bruegger’s Bagels is one of America’s favorite places to get freshly baked breakfast treats, and its no different for Tucson residents! The U of A location decided it was time for a face-lift and had Sign Magic make them a brand new sign! This sign is pan channel lettering mounted onto a raceway. The white faces of the letters are laser routed on our routing table from sheets of white acrylic. The pans and raceway are made from aluminum which is routed and bent into the shape of the letters. Each of these letter pans are lined with LED’s which allow the sign to light up each evening. The sign is on a timer which is set to turn on and off automatically. The letters are fixed to the raceway and then our install crew mounted the raceway to the building. Next time you are craving a delicious bagel, or are driving by the U of A, make sure to check out this new sign!

Sullivan’s Eatery & Creamery

   Last week, Sign Magic installed a brand new sign for Sullivan’s Eatery & Creamery. This restaurant was formerly called Swenson’s, but was recently changed to Sullivan’s. For those of you thinking “Oh no! Swenson’s was such a great place!” don’t worry, it is still under the same ownership and not much has changed other than the name. They still have the same great food and amazing array of ice cream choices for dessert!

   The signs are made of pan-channel letters mounted onto raceways and lit with LED illumination. The “pan” of each letter is crafted from aluminum. The faces were laser routed from sheets of acrylic and then trim-capped to securely fit each pan. The logo is a digital print of an ice cream cone, which we printed on vinyl using our large format digital printer. The vinyl was applied to acrylic after the shape was laser routed on our routing table. Each letter is lined with LED lighting and lights up each evening with a timer.

The finished, installed sign

The finished, installed sign

The sign's lighting being tested in shop before installation.

The sign’s lighting being tested in shop before installation.


Social House

    Sign Magic is working with Territorial Signs on a really exciting project! The college hot spot formerly known as Championship Dining has changed their name and is now called Social House. What makes this sign so unique is the unusual style of lighting used. The pan channel letter faces are made from 1/8th inch thick, day/night acrylic. This type of acrylic isn’t used very often and gives the sign an especially unique look that changes with night and day. During the day, the lettering will look black, with white trim capping (pictured below left). Like most lit signs, this one will work off of a timer and when the lights go on at night, the LED lighting inside will make the acrylic letters appear white. But what makes this sign look so cool is the red-halo backlighting (pictured below right). Don’t worry college students, this bar hasn’t moved locations; They are still located at the SouthEast corner of Campbell and 6th, right across from the U of A campus. The sign is going up later this week so next time you are down town supporting our Wildcats, make sure to stop in Social House to see the other changes they have made. And don’t forget to look up and admire their new signage!

The day/night acrylic appears black during the day, but the transparent material will appear white when lit from within at night.