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Sycamore Elementary School – VAIL


The Vail school district had Sign Magic put this sign up at each of their schools, in honor of them each receiving the A+ School of Excellence award.

Sign Magic just put up another sign for the Vail School District. This time, the honor went to Sycamore Elementary School, on S. Houghton Rd. Vail is known for having excellent schools and have been recognized by the Arizona Educational Foundation. The A+ School of Excellence program is a comprehensive school assessment that celebrates and honors success in Arizona schools. This award is retained for 3 years before the school needs to reapply. Every one of Vail’s schools, (elementary, middle & high schools) have all received this award in recent years, some more than once! Sign Magic is proud to be a part of Vail’s success in educating Arizona’s youth.

Back to school!

Another new sign!!

The Western Institute for Leadership Development is a new, tuition-free, college prep charter high school located at 1300 S. Belvedere Ave. Make sure to check out the signage, and of course the school, during their grand opening celebration on August 3 at 4:30.

Customized plaques make it easy for students and campus visitors to find their classrooms.