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Sycamore Elementary School – VAIL


The Vail school district had Sign Magic put this sign up at each of their schools, in honor of them each receiving the A+ School of Excellence award.

Sign Magic just put up another sign for the Vail School District. This time, the honor went to Sycamore Elementary School, on S. Houghton Rd. Vail is known for having excellent schools and have been recognized by the Arizona Educational Foundation. The A+ School of Excellence program is a comprehensive school assessment that celebrates and honors success in Arizona schools. This award is retained for 3 years before the school needs to reapply. Every one of Vail’s schools, (elementary, middle & high schools) have all received this award in recent years, some more than once! Sign Magic is proud to be a part of Vail’s success in educating Arizona’s youth.

3 more down, 1 to go!


Acacia Elementary School

Acacia Elementary School


Desert Willow Elementary School

Desert Willow Elementary School


Old Vail Middle School

Old Vail Middle School

Our install crew has been busy in Vail this week putting up three more A+ School of Excellence signs. Old Vail Middle School, Acacia Elementary School and Desert Willow Elementary School have all been officially recognized for their award-winning achievements. With just one school to go, Corona Foothills Middle School, our project with the Vail School District is almost complete. With all the tragedy occurring at schools lately it is nice to see something positive going on in a local school district. Teachers and school administrators work hard every single day and rarely get the recognition that they deserve.


Mesquite Elementary School


These Gemini letters are held up by studs that have been drilled into the brick wall and sealed with silicone for extra support.

These Gemini letters are held up by studs that have been drilled into the brick wall and sealed with silicone for extra support.

  We just installed another one of the signs for Vail School District! This time is was Mesquite Elementary School that received their sign. The Gemini letters were put up on the side of their MPR building which faces Rita Rd, so if you are in the area or have children who attend that school, make sure to look for the sign as you go by! The sign is teal and maroon, the school’s colors. We have an install crew going out to Vail again today to install a few more schools so check our Facebook page tomorrow for pictures! The scheduled installs are for Old Vail Middle School and Acacia Elementary School. Only a few more to go and then all of Vail’s inspiring, award-winning schools will be rightfully recognized for their amazing achievements!

Vail School District

Empire High School: an
A+ School of Excellence

Freshman Academy at Ceinega High School

Sign Magic is continuing our work with the Vail School District & paid both Empire and Cienega High Schools a visit. The A+ School of Excellence sign was installed out front at Empire High School and is pictured in the top photograph. Cienega High School had already received the A+ sign but were having some of the buildings around campus labeled. At the request of the students, the Dining and Auditorium building was changed to the Student Union building, and the freshman wing of campus was labeled “Freshman Academy” (pictured in the bottom photograph). All of these signs are made from Gemini letters with are installed on the wall by drilling studs into the wall. The possible font choices are endless and, as you can see from the photographs, the variety of color is as well.

Exciting news for Vail!

    There are a lot of exciting things going on in Vail! All of Vail’s schools have been repeatedly recognized for their achievements over the years. The district is rightfully proud of this accomplishment and is having a sign installed at each of the schools who have won an award. In addition to the great news of academic achievements, the Vail School District is also proud to announce they now have a new Naval Cadet Corps Program at Cienega High School. Sign Magic is proud to say that we fabricated and just began the installation of the signage for these projects.

Each of Vail’s schools will have a sign like this one installed over the next week or two.

The Vail School District, known to have an outstanding academic program at each of their schools, has been recognized many times by the Arizona Educational Foundation. The A+ School of Excellence program is a comprehensive school assessment that celebrates success in Arizona’s public schools. Every one of Vail’s schools has earned this award, which is retained for three years before they have to reapply. To honor these outstanding achievements the district is putting up a sign at each school which states the school’s name, the fact that they are an A+ School of Excellence and the years they won this award. These signs (shown in picture) are made from Gemini letters, which our install crew will mount onto brick walls. We are proud to have taken part in a job that recognizes such an inspiring school district!

Routed aluminum letters, painted and mounted on a raceway.

The other sign we installed for the Vail School District is located at Cienega High School. For over ten years Vail has been trying to get an ROTC type program going for their students. The Navy offers a similar type of program and Vail was approved to receive one at their high school. The benefits students will get from having this program available to them are endless. The curriculum includes military history, physical fitness and other skills to prepare students who chose a military career after high school. Enrolled students will be eligible for military scholarships and academy appointments. The sign we made for this new program was routed in shop out of aluminum. The letters were painted and then mounted onto a raceway, which is also made from aluminum. After the raceway was painted and driven out to location, it was mounted on a short wall in front of the Naval Cadet Corps building. Although Sign Magic’s part is a small one, we are nonetheless excited that Vail is finally able to offer students a program such as this.