Tractor Supply Company – Sierra Vista

Wall sign
Wall sign


We just installed a HUGE cabinet and monument sign for Tractor Supply Co. down in Sierra Vista, AZ! Both the monument and wall sign are cabinet signs that use a sheet of white acrylic which has colored vinyl lettering. Inside the cabinet are fluorescent bulbs for lighting, which are both attached to timers to turn the lights on and off every evening and morning.

Tractor Supply Co. is a great spot for all of your outdoor needs. It’s a national company, so there are plenty of them around the states. Their merchandise ranges from things like clothing to agricultural and livestock needs, and many, many more between. This newest location is located at 4860 E. Highway 90, Sierra Vista, AZ. For all the Tucson people out there, check their website for a store closer to you!

Monument sign
Monument sign



Beyond Bread – Back Dough

Back Dough's new sign lit at night.
Back Dough’s new sign lit at night.


Beyond Bread is a local Tucson bakery and sandwich shop. They have won multiple awards from Tucson Weekly and Tucson Lifestyle for their amazing bread and sandwiches. You can look at these awards and get other information about Beyond Bread at their website here: There are multiple locations around town, one of which has a separate bakery called Back Dough located behind the regular store. This location is at 6260 E. Speedway Blvd.

Sign Magic just fabricated and installed a sign for Back Dough. This sign is pan channel lettering mounted onto a raceway. The raceway was painted to match the building and then hung on its wall. The faces to this sign were cut on our routing table from sheets of white acrylic and then covered with vinyl that matched Beyond Bread’s colors. These faces are attached to “pans” which are lined with LED lighting. The signs is on a timer which is set to turn on every evening at dusk, and turn back off again. Next time you are in the area of Monterey Village on Speedway make sure you stop in for a baked treat and don’t forget to look up at the new sign!

Bicycle Ranch

Illuminated wall sign.
Illuminated wall sign.


Hey all you bicycle fans! Its Tucson and the year round sunshine makes this the perfect place for riding bikes and featuring races such as the Tour De Tucson. Tucson’s newest place to shop for bikes and all related material is Bicycle Ranch located at 7090 N. Oracle Rd #198. Check them out on Facebook here:

Sign Magic fabricated and just installed the cool sign for this bike shop. This sign is made of pan channel lettering mounted on a raceway. The faces of the sign, as well as the logo, are made from acrylic which was cut on our routing table then covered in vinyl. The lettering is all lit using LED lighting which is hooked up to a timer that automatically turns on every evening.

Family Dollar

Wall and monument signs.
Wall and monument signs.


Sign Magic just did a sign for the Family Dollar on 22nd Street. This location had an old sign which our guys removed before installing the new signage! Both the wall and monument signs light up at night; The wall sign using LED illumination and the monument with florescent bulbs.


LED illuminated, pan channel lettering.
LED illuminated, pan channel lettering


Our guys were out at Irvington and I-19 yesterday at the Spectrum Plaza. The install was for a new Dressbarn located in the plaza that will be opening soon! This sign has acrylic faces and pan channel lettering. It is lit using LED illumination.


Peter Piper Pizza!

Interior sign. The top photo shows the full sign, with 3D tickets trailing behind the wording. The bottom is a close up to make the bulbs in each letter more visible.
Interior sign. The top photo shows the full sign, with 3D tickets trailing behind the wording. The bottom is a close up to make the bulbs in each letter more visible.The brand new exterior sign and new logo!

Peter Piper Pizza has changed their logo! Although each existing location has not been required to change their signage, the location at 22nd and Alvernon decided it was time for a face lift and went ahead with the change.   Their new exterior signage is made from pan channel lettering. The faces of the sign are made from acrylic sheets that were routed on our routing table and then covered in a custom red vinyl. The logo was also cut from acrylic and then different shades of the vinyl was applied and cut by hand. This sign is lit using LED illumination and is placed on a timer so it goes on every evening.   The interior sign is a fun one! Its located on the wall above some of their arcade games. The “game on” is made using open-faced pan channel lettering which was painted yellow. There are individual bulbs lining each letter to give the sign a kind of marquis look. Although it is a little difficult to see in the photo provided, if you look closely to the right in the top photo, you can see some 3D gaming tickets on the wall trailing along behind the lettering.    Although this job had a lot of time and work go into the manufacturing process, seeing the finished results make it all worth it. This one is definitely going to be one of my favorite jobs of the year! And hopefully more Peter Piper locations join suit!

The brand new exterior sign and new logo!

New Mattress Firm

Mattress Firm2

We finished an install for another Mattress Firm! The latest location is just one of many Mattress Firm stores that Sign Magic has installed in the past year. This is a nationwide company who has a large assortment of all your bedding needs. The newest location is at 9484 E 22nd, suite #120.

Cave Mapping Expedition!

Aluminum shoe covers for cave exploration! They have spikes on the underside used for assistance in climbing rock walls.
Aluminum shoe covers for cave exploration! They have spikes on the underside used for assistance in climbing rock walls.


Aside from making signs, from time to time Sign Magic will get a request for different types of custom jobs. The above photo shows a pair of welded aluminum shoe covers that one of our clients requested we make for him. Jeff of The Larger Co, an ornamental metal shop, explores caves when he isn’t making beautiful works out of metal. His latest expedition will involve mapping a cave on the backside of Mt. Lemon that is, up to this point, uncharted. He wanted some metal shoe covers, that he could easily slip his feet into, that would assist him while climbing up rock walls in the cave. The bottom of these shoes have metal spikes welded in place to help him scale the rock walls. It’s always fun doing little side projects like this! And it goes to show that when you work on signs, you learn a lot of skills that you can put to use in many other different areas of life!

The Industry Hair Studio

The Industry Hair Studio pole sign.
The Industry Hair Studio pole sign.

A truly amazing and unique salon is opening later this month. The Industry Hair Studio is located at 4045 E. Broadway, and with their newly fabricated and installed sign you can’t miss them!

This sign was printed on vinyl using our large format digital printer and then applied to an acrylic face that is 6 x 18 feet. The sign sits atop a large pole and lights up each night. The art work on this sign is very detailed and unique, much like the salon will be when its doors open!

Think of all the salon services imaginable together in one big place. Then add in some services that you would never even think of, all in a fabulously decorated building, and it still probably won’t come close to the amazement you will feel when you hear about this place!

The owner, Greg Yedding, has put together a one of a kind experience for both his clientele and employees. With over 30 years of experience in this industry, he is somewhat of an expert in this field! This 7,600 square foot salon will not only house areas for hair stylists and barbers, manicurists and estheticians but will also have a massage therapy area, a meditation lounge and even a tattoo parlor. Yes, a tattoo parlor! Their website even says they will have a photography studio in house. For more information, check out these links:  and

And make sure to call to make an appointment or at least stop in to see all the amazing services they have to offer!

Gem & Bead Mall on 4th

Gem & Bead Mall's 40+ foot tall sign.
Gem & Bead Mall’s giant sign. Keep in mind, the smaller sign to the left is probably around 10 feet in height!

Native Tucsonans know all about the Gem Show; Its our annual two weeks of craziness when the vendors and buyers of gem and minerals come from all over the world to our little town. A National company called Gem & Bead Mall has decided to call Tucson one of their permanent homes and has opened a HUGE warehouse on South 4th Avenue. This company also has stores in San Diego and Las Vegas. Located at 2901 S. 4th Ave (4th and 39th), this 26,000 square foot facility holds over 5,200 items from all over the world.

Sign Magic did the sign for GBM, which, as you can see if the photo above, was no easy task considering the height! The existing pole sign reaches to heights over 45 feet and our crews needed our bucket truck plus a rented crane to complete the install! We cut new acrylic faces for the sign and applied vinyl to the faces once they were already installed in the sign. This job is a great example of Sign Magic’s dedication to providing Tucson businesses with their signage needs!