Monument Sign Makeover

The Motor Vehicle Center’s Academy of Driving recently had us update their monument sign. As you can see in the photos below, the new signage is much brighter! The photo on the left is before the makeover, and the photo on the right is after our talented crew was finished. A fresh coat of paint was applied to the base and structure of the sign and new acrylic faces with vinyl graphics for each of the cabinet signs. The transformation looks great!

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Pan-Channel Lettering Installed at Jet Car Wash

Sign Magic was on the East side of Tucson recently to install signage at a new car wash! This sign is made of pan-channel lettering. The faces of each letter were cut out of a large sheet of red acrylic. Aluminum was bent around the letters to give them depth and then these “pans” are lined with LED units. The LEDs are hooked up to a timer which turns on to illuminate the sign each evening. Located at 4657 E. Valencia, at Benson Highway, Jet Car Wash will be opening soon!IMG_2401

Rancho Vistoso Dental Relocates & Gets New Sign

photo   Sign Magic has fabricated a new sign for a dental office that has recently moved to a new location! This sign is made from reversed pan-channels, lit with LED illumination. The letters are routed from a sheet of aluminum on our digital routing table. They are then welded to pans, that give them depth. The pans are bent into shape around the letters and welded into place. Each pan is lined with amber-colored LED units that illuminate each evening. Being reversed, the pans don’t have an acrylic face that allows light to shine through the front of the sign. Instead, the light shines out from behind the sign, called halo-lighting, giving the sign a unique floating look. Racho Vistoso Dental’s new location is 12480 N. Rancho Vistoso Blvd in Oro Valley, Arizona. They offer a wide array of dental services including implants and cosmetic surgery. For more information about Rancho Vistoso Dental, visit their website.

New Signage at Summit Funding

20160303_093117    We recently installed some great new signage at a Summit Funding office! The photo above shows an 18″x 36″ piece of flagstone that was sandblasted, by hand, with Summit Funding’s custom logo. This sign was mounted outside the entrance to the office. The sign pictured below is made of pan-channel lettering, lit with LED illumination. The letters are digitally routed from a large piece of acrylic, then fitted to their aluminum pans. The pans are what give the letters depth. Each pan is lined with amber-colored LED units that are hooked up to a timer. Timers are set to turn on and off at specific times each evening for maximum viewing capacity! Summit Funding specializes in home loans and has many convenient Arizona locations. For more information about Summit Funding, visit their website. FullSizeRender

Eloy Businesses Receive New Signs

photo (1)   A few businesses in Eloy, AZ recently had some signs fabricated and installed on their buildings. Pictured to the left is a cabinet sign for Goodyear. This sign is made from a 5’x20′ acrylic piece with vinyl graphics applied to the face. The acrylic face of the sign was then fitted into an aluminum cabinet that is lined with florescent bulbs, which illuminate the sign at night. Pictured below is a similar cabinet sign that was installed at a Shell station. This sign’s dimensions are 3’x3′. Vinyl graphics were applied to an acrylic piece, just like the Goodyear sign. This sign is also illuminated each evening.

photo (2)

Arizona Oncology

photo (1)photonew logo






Sign Magic recently did some work at Arizona Oncology in Green Valley, giving their signs a much needed face-lift! The aluminum lettering on the side of their building were faded from years in the sun so we sanded them down and repainted them. Arizona Oncology had two monument signs that were in need of a refresher as well. These both received new acrylic inserts and a fresh coat of paint. The last thing we did for them was a new addition! We fabricated a small logo sign for the front of their building. It measures 40″x36″ and is made from aluminum. The Arizona Oncology logo was digitally printed onto vinyl, then applied to the aluminum. Don’t forget to check the signs out next time you are in Green Valley!

Jet Car Wash

Sign Magic fabricated and installed some signs at a new car wash that is scheduled to open sometime in March of this year! Jet Wash Express is located at 4657 E. Valencia, at Benson Highway. Both signs are small cabinet signs made from acrylic faces with digitally printed vinyl graphics. The signs are lit with LED illumination each evening. 0129161154


IMG_2292Copygraphix is your go to place for office systems and equipment! Located at 740 E. Ajo Way, they offer a wide array of services that any business could benefit from. This company was started by local Tucsonans, June and George Crawford in 1985 and they offer great products combined with individualized service. Office systems, managed print services, IT services and document management are just a few of their general services. Check out their website to get more details!

Sign Magic recently fabricated a few new signs for Copygraphix! Pictured above is their main sign. These letters were routed from a sheet of 1/4″ aluminum, sanded and painted black. Studs are drilled directly into the building to mount these letters in place. We also made a new insert for the monument sign pictured below. The insert is made from a sheet of acrylic that was cut down to fit the cabinet of the sign. Vinyl lettering was applied to the face of this acrylic sign. The cabinet is lined with florescent lamps that illuminate the sign each evening for maximum viewing potential!


Precision Machine

precision machine   Precision Machine, located at 2250 N. Forbes Blvd, has been a leading manufacturer and supplier for the aerospace industry since they opened in 1978. Originally opened to meet the high demands of the emerging aerospace industry in Southern Arizona, the company now boasts a nationwide customer base. For more information about Precision Machine and what their services include visit their website.

Sign Magic recently fabricated and installed some signage at the Precision Machine’s office building. Their logo was created using reversed pan-channel lettering. This means that the logo was cut from sheets of aluminum that were sanded and painted. Each letter forms a pan, which was lined with white LED units. Each evening, when the timer goes off, the LED units will illuminate the sign. Because this sign is reversed pan-channel, the lights will not shine out through the front of the logo, but behind the lettering instead. This is called halo-lighting, and the light shines on the wall behind the sign, giving it a unique floating look. precision 2

Ross, DDS

Dr. S. Burton Ross, DDS has been an expert in dentures since 1976. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from City College of New York then went on to graduate with honors at New York University in 1970, where he completed his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. Dr. Ross comes highly recommended by not only his patients, but other dentists as well, who refer him to their more difficult cases. His office is located at 2122 N. Craycroft, Suite 106, and they recently got a new sign!

The lettering for their new sign was cut from ¼” sheets of aluminum on our routing table. The letters were sanded then painted black. Using a pattern to keep the text level on the wall, holes were drilled into the building and the letters were lifted into place, secured with studs. Exterior dimensional lettering is a great way to grab attention! Ross DDS